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Public Speaking Expert

Sultana undertakes public speaking engagements in the UK and around the world. She is available to speak at conferences and corporate events as a keynote speaker or as a participant on a panel. She is also available to chair discussions and debates.

She uses her personal journey & experiences to motivate audiences, inspire action and inform policy. Her message is one of resilience, focus and the ability to adapt and succeed against all odds. The lessons to be drawn are multifaceted and relevant to many people and industries. She has spoken at events for national and multi-national corporations, governmental and NGOs. Topics include:

  • Life and work as a barrister

  • Human rights 

  • National security & counter terrorism

  • Racial justice

  • Women's empowerment

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Leadership 

  • Harnessing talent

  • Modest Fashion

Sultana also provides public speaking & advocacy training to individuals, including journalists, lawyers, bankers and doctors; and organisations, such as the UN, British Medical Association, Amnesty International, Women For Women International, and MNCs.

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