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Human Rights & International Law Advisor

Sultana has a strong commitment to the protection of human rights and civil liberties both internationally and domestically. She advises individuals, non-governmental organisations and multinational corporations on international human rights, international criminal law and humanitarian law issues. She has worked with organisations such as the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre and the Latin American Centre for Human Rights (CLADH) on issues ranging from the rights of prisoners to the right to freedom of expression.


  • Advisory Board, Influencing Corridors of Power (ICOP), School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London;

  • Member of Legal Expert Advisory Panel for Fair Trials International (LEAP);

  • Special Advisor on Human Rights for the Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights;

  • Member of the Detention ExPEERience Community of Avocat Sans Frontieres (ASF);

  • Head of Pro Bono Projects for Counsel for Leadership (CfL);

  • Chair of the Muslim Lawyers Actions Group (MLAG);

  • Head of Strategic Litigation for the Muslim Lawyers Actions Group.

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